Ultrasound application of PEEK

An ultrasound transducer housing from Britek SA, Inc. (San Antonio, TX) is fabricated from large-diameter, 30% carbon fiber-reinforced PEEK (polyetheretherketone) rod from Drake Plastics . The 2-inch diameter rod, resists cracking due to the material’s high elongation and toughness, and also exhibits high strength and outstanding heat and chemical resistance.

 Ultrasound application of PEEKUltrasound transducer housing made of PEEK rod withstands the harsh operating conditions confronting inspection tools used to detect flaws and cracks in pipelines for the petrochemical industry.


CF30 is a 30% carbon fiber-reinforced grade that delivers an optimum balance of broad chemical resistance, ease of processing, and excellent mechanical performance. Another important benefit is a very low coefficient of linear thermal expansion (CLTE) that closely matches that of additional transducer components made of other materials. This prevents distortion and damage to the piezoelectric crystal inside the housing.


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